Tantric Rituals

True Genuine Tantric Massage North London. Unique in London.

True Genuine Tantric Massage North London. Unique in London.Integrated Holistic Wellness Sanctuary Lila Tantra Independent 10 years Experienced Practitioner The Tantric Massage Ritual s Working with 4 Essential Elements: Water, Air, Fire and Earth, in a sequence of actions, with an internal order, the Ritual,Lilla Tantra takes you, step by step, in a deep meditation relax state .The Tea Ceremony to start with a relax chat, the Magic Herbal/Salt Bath Ceremony with meditation music, candles,water massage, jade crystal, ligam water massage, deep relax. After the Tantric Tao Lymphatic full body oil massage with Prostate massage and special Ligam. Orgastic end. Unforgettable time just for you!

Location: North London

Phone: 07518873158

Website: http://www.tantricritual.co.uk

Date: 2015-08-27

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